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Fire & Ice Released to Radio.

I’m pretty excited to be releasing Fire & Ice as a single today, and if you haven’t heard it yet it features one of the country’s finest, the lovely Catherine Britt!  Speaking of finest... in my opinion this artwork is some of Jasper Hollis’s finest work yet! Thanks mate. You can request Fire & Ice from all your favourite radio stations as of today, and I can tell you that a film clip is on its way sometime this week. Fire & Ice (feat Catherine Britt) is the fourth single taken from my album ‘Call Out For The Cavalry’ it’s out through Social Family Records and you can get a copy or listen to it right here... Call Out For The Cavalry #fireandice #andrewswift #catherinebritt #vocalcollab #duet #altcountry #americanamusic #countrymusic #calloutforthecavalry 


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