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2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival Schedule.

Tamworth Country Music Festival has become one of my favourite weeks of the year and the next one is creeping up quickly! So here’s what I’ve got planned for my 10 days in Australia’s country music capital. You may notice that I have just the one show with Gretta Ziller which is at The Welder's Dog Tamworth & just the one full band show which will be at THE TAMWORTH HOTEL, but I’ll be up to a whole lot of other fun things throughout the festival. I’m sure I’ll see a bunch of your familiar faces there. 😊 #tcmf2019 #tamworthcountrymusicfestival #countrymusic #altcountry #americanamusic #tamworthhotel #fingerscrossed #tamworth #musicfestival #socialfamilyrecords Poster by Jasper Hollis. 


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