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The Great Australian Caravan Park Country Music Showcase 2020

I can't believe that this summer is the 4th annual 'Great Australian Country Music Showcase' and Gretta Ziller & I are stoked to announce where you can find us between Christmas and the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

We've mixed things up with some new parks that we're excited to get to this year along with some of our favourite places to visit. We're also asking for young local singer songwriters to get in touch about performing a couple of songs.

A big thank you to Jayco Australia for coming on board as our major sponsor again this year, without their support the logistics of this tour would be a mighty big headache! Also, a huge thank you to Cranbourne Music & Yamaha Music Australia - Music Products for their support in helping us sound bigger and better than ever this year!

Don't forget this tour is for the guests of the parks so please book your accommodation in advance. We can't wait to see you this summer.


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