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Call Out For The Cavalry on Vinyl

Call Out For The Cavalry was my debut album into country music and, with no amount of exaggeration, was the release that changed my life. It gave me the confidence to quit my day job and give the whole music thing a real solid crack. It was a gamble that paid off and I will be forever grateful for it.

Vinyl records are something I've always loved, the nostalgia, the cracks and pops in the sound and being able to physically hold the music in your hands.

At the time of releasing COFTC neither the label I was with or myself were overly confident that I'd be able to move any copies of the album on vinyl so we agreed to stick to CDs and streaming, releasing it on vinyl was something that never eventuated... until now.

Earlier this year the rights to COFTC came back to me and pressing it to vinyl was something I was eager to finally do. However, timing was not right, with the release of Lightning Strikes & Neon Nights it was something that would have to wait, ideally until there was at least a little excuse to celebrate my debut album again.

On January 26th 2024 it will be exactly 5 years since COFTC blessed me with my first two CMAA Golden Guitars for Alt Country Album of the Year and New Talent of the Year. To celebrate (because apparently I needed a reason) I'm finally releasing Call Out For The Cavalry on a limited run of 150 coloured vinyl, and I'm pretty bloody happy about it!

The records are being made from recycled vinyl, so the exact colour is yet to be announced, hence the standard black vinyl in the image, and they are due to be shipped by December 1st.

Pre Orders can be made today from my ONLINE STORE.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Runaway Train

  2. Reckless Desires

  3. Georgia

  4. The Devil & His Sin

  5. Jezebel

Side B

  1. Fire & Ice feat. Catherine Britt

  2. Ball & Chain

  3. Unforgiven Sins

  4. Blood Moon High

  5. King of the Sky



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