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The Great Australian Caravan Park Country Music Showcase 2022

Who’s keen to hit the coast this summer? I’m excited to announce this years shows for the ‘Great Australian Caravan Park Country Music Showcase’ proudly presented by Jayco Australia.

It’s just a smaller run of shows this year but in some amazing locations.

31st December - Marlo Ocean View, Marlo VIC 1st January - Mallacoota Foreshore, Mallacoota VIC 2nd January - Tathra Beachside, Tathra NSW 3rd January - Eden Beachfront, Eden NSW 4th January - Eagle Point Caravan Park, Eagle Point VIC 5th January - Seaspray Caravan Park, Seaspray VIC

As always, the shows are for park guests only, so make sure you book your camping site or cabin while you can.



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