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The music video for Young Lovers is here!

This was the first time I've officially been involved with producing one of my music videos and I had an absolute ball. We had an extremely fun location to work with, both Hayley and Joe (the young lovers) had a contagious energy that fuelled everyone else involved and Sean (director) & his crew really grasped the concept and look I was chasing.

I really wanted to have a classic look to this music video and Sean certainly delivered. Handing an old school home movie camera to Hayley & Joe at the start of the night was a stroke of genius by Sean, it really allowed us to capture some candid, natural moments that we otherwise would have missed.

I hope you enjoy it. - AS


Location: Caribbean Rollerama

Produced by Andrew Swift & 1201 Productions Directed by Sean McDonald Lighting by Kat Vinella Camera Assist by Chris Murray & Erhan Tirli Edit and Colour by Sean McDonald Actors: Hayley Baumgarth & Joe Pike The Band: Andrew Swift, Zachary J Watson, Benny Cant & Col Dawson



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